4th retreat: Cochin India, from Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th October 2016

The meeting is organized by the India team in collaboration with the UVSQ and all the consortium members.

Venue: P J Princess Regency, 19/187, Puduvyppu, Vypeen Islands, Kochi – 682 508 Cochin, India

In a nutshell

The General Goal of this meeting is to work along the line of the description of work and prepare the associated deliverables/papers.
The first day will give us an opportunity to touch base on site-specific progresses and form the working groups for tasks 2+3+4.
The second day will be dedicated to deliverables associated with task 2 and 3.
The third day will be dedicated to task 4, 5+6 and to visit to local communities.
The fourth day will be dedicated to all tasks and next steps before the end of the 2016 year.



DAY 1, Tuesday, Oct 4 2016
14h-18h: Word of Welcome. Introduction. Round table discussion.
30' Agenda and key points for the Retreat.
30' each study site:
Reports from each team on work completed, research results and next steps.

Presentations are prepared following the task 2+3+4 template, they are available below for download trough the orange links.

Cocagne-Grande Digue task 2-3-4 presentation
by Omer Chouinard, Céline Surette and Gregory Kennedy;
Mbour and Joal task 2-3-4 presentation
by Alioune Kane and Diatou Thiaw;
Tiksi task 2-3-4 presentation
by Jean-Paul Vanderlinden;
Bay of Brest task 2-3-4 presentation
by Olivier Ragueneau;
Kanyakumari task 3 presentation

by Thomson Kaleekal, Muuraleedharan and Rameshmumar;
Kanyakumari task 4 presentation
by Thomson Kaleekal, Muuraleedharan and Rameshmumar;
Wainwright task 2-3-4 presentation
by Matthew Berman;
Uummannaq task 2-3-4 presentation
by Juan Baztan.

DAY 2, Wednesday, Oct 5 2016
9h30’-10h: Abhilash.
10h-12h: Task 2 working group, please find here the task 2 presentation here.
12h-14h: Lunch break.
12h-18h: Task 3 working group, please find the task 3 presentation here.

DAY 3, Thursday, Oct 6 2016
9h-9h30’ Introduction for the day.
9h30’-11h: Task 4.
Discussion and final steps for the Task 4 paper.
11h-13h: Task 5 part 1/2.
Presentation from Brest study site on work completed and ongoing, please find here the presentation.
Please prepare the presentations following 
the task 5+6 template.
13h-14h: Lunch break.
15h-18h: Field trip outreach 2 local schools.

DAY 4, Friday, Oct 7 2016
9h30’-11h:  Task 5 2/2 presentations from:

Uummannaq, download here the presentation.

Cocagne Grand Digue, download here the presentation.

Sénégal, download here the presentation.

Tiksi, download here the presentation.

Wainwright, download here the presentation.

Kerala, download here the presentation.

11h-13h John Churchil presentation, please download here the presentation, and task 5 and task 6 discussion.

13h-14h: Lunch break.
14h-15h: All tasks and steps before the end of the 2016 year


Saturday Oct. 8th: Travel to Kanyakumari and Field visit.

Confirmed attendees
Omer Chouinard, UM, Canada
Céline Surette, UM, Canada
Gregory Kennedy, UM, Canada
Jean-Paul Vanderlinden, UVSQ, France
Juan Baztan, UVSQ, France
Olivier Ragueneau, IUEM, France
Lionel Jaffrs, TdG, France
Matthew Berman, UAA, USA
Alioune Kane, UCAD, Senegal
Jacques Quensiere, IRD, Senegal/France
Diatou Thiaw, UCAD, Senegal
Thomson Kaleekal, CUST, India
Muraleedharan S, CUST, India
Rameshkumar, M R, CUST, India
Abhilash, CUST, India
Baiju K K, CUST, India
John Churchil, CUST, India


Please find here some selected pictures from the ARTisticc 4th retreat


Event date: 
Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - 14:00 to Friday, October 7, 2016 - 17:00